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Benefits include:

  • Listing your own events on this website.
  • Receiving reduced rates and preferred booth locations for Chicago Pride Fest® and Northalsted Market Days™.
  • Participating in our events, as well as our cooperative advertising and public relations programs.


About the Northalsted Business Alliance

The Northalsted Business Alliance works cooperatively to maintain a diverse, safe and thriving shopping and entertainment district. In 1980, a small group of retailers in a four-block area along Halsted Street joined forces to promote the street and improve business conditions.

Since its inception, the Northalsted Business Alliance has grown to represent more than 80 businesses along North Halsted Street from Barry Street to West Irving Park Road. The Association has been recognized by the media, the City of Chicago and local residents as a major force in the community, championing positive change and growth.

Northalsted Events

The Northalsted Business Alliance hosts two of the city’s most popular events—Chicago Pride Fest® and Northalsted Market Days®—which bring thousands of people to our neighborhood. The Northalsted Business Alliance-sponsored Halloween on Halsted parade also invite the community to gather and experience Northalsted.

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Neighborhood Beautification and Safety

The Northalsted Business Alliance works diligently to maintain a safe and beautiful neighborhood for residents, business owners and visitors. Through Special Service Area #18, the Northalsted Business Alliance’s street beautification program provides regular street and sidewalk cleaning, as well as the maintenance of our seasonal planters. Together with the Chicago Police Department, the Northalsted Business Alliance also administers the Special Service Area #18 Security Rebate Program, which encourages businesses and residents to make their properties safe and secure.

Commitment to Community

Strengthening community is a priority. The Northalsted Business Alliance has proudly supported The Center on Halsted since its inception and was one of its first major contributors. A focal point for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community of Chicago, The Center on Halsted serves the community’s diverse social, recreational, cultural and social service needs. In addition, the Northalsted Business Alliance regularly surveys area residents on our activities and programs to confirm that our efforts are benefiting and appreciated by our local community.



2015 Board Meetings Dates

The Northalsted Business Alliance Board meets monthly at the Center on Halsted, located at 3656 North Halsted Street in conference room 200, to discuss and plan for the betterment of the district.  All Northalsted Business Alliance members are welcome to attend meetings from 9 – 9:30am to share thoughts and learn about upcoming opportunities.


January 8
February 12
March 5
April 9
May 14
June 11
July 9
August 6
September 10
October 8
November 12
December 10

If you have a specific item you would like to be added to the agenda please contact staff one week prior to the meeting date.


Northalsted Board of Directors

Board Member Position Description
Board Application
Board Nominating Procedures

For additional information please contact 773-883-0500 or

Board Members

Ramesh Ariyanayakam 


Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club

Sean Kotwa

Vice President

Halsted's Bar & Grill

Nirmalpal Sachdev



Paul Cannella



Taverna 750

Mickey Hornick

The Chicago Diner


Chris Howard
Boystown Collectibles


Dr. Andrew Knecht

Knecht Chiropractic


Len Mayersky
MB Financial


David Sikora
Progress Bar


Mark Zipperer


Stu Zirin 
Dive Bar
DS Tequila





Christopher Barrett Politan 
Executive Director


Dustin Erikstrup
Director of Special Events


Chad Honeycutt
Assistant Director of External Affairs


Eric Santiago 
Assistant Director of Internal Affairs